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Fire & Love Retreat Ebook Fire & Love Retreat Ebook

Item Number: 070

Table of Contents: Our Healing Heart ("See" with Your Heart) * Forgiveness Ritual * Soulmate Discussion & Exercise to Draw Them to You * Self-Love Ritual & Chanting

Price: $5.00 each

Additional Information
Emotional needs that aren't met and blocks in the heart chakra set yourself up for physical diseases. Heal your heart for better health. When we operate out of our heart chakra we connect to the Divine Spirit by coming from a state of compassion and not fear. Ebook e-mailed to you upon purchase. (10+ page handout) Click here for More Information


To heal yourself, is to heal your family.
To heal your family, is to heal your village.
To heal your village, is to heal your land.
If you heal your land, you heal the Earth.

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