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Water & Renewal Retreat Ebook Water & Renewal Retreat Ebook

Item Number: 071

Table of Contents: Our Creative Space (2nd Chakra) * Belief Systems * Negative Emotional Imprints * Positive Emotional Imprints * Mystic Rose Meditation * Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) * Heart of Peacefulness Meditation Heart of Peacefulness Meditation & Chanting for Closure

Price: $5.00 each

Additional Information
Being in healing waters can heal this area. Take epsom salts baths and find a river or ocean to visit often. I love the mangrove trees here in Florida as their energy is in the roots of the ocean. Very emotionally calming! Ebook e-mailed to you upon purchase. (12+ pages) Click here for More Information


To heal yourself, is to heal your family.
To heal your family, is to heal your village.
To heal your village, is to heal your land.
If you heal your land, you heal the Earth.

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