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Earth & Abundance Retreat Ebook Earth & Abundance Retreat Ebook

Item Number: 072

Table of Contents: The Root Chakra & Our Connection to the Earth * Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for Money Problems * Using Our Kinesthetic Sense (Perceive your chakras and energy) * Walking Meditation – “Sat Ta Na Ma”

Price: $5.00 each

Additional Information
How do you connect to the Earth? She is our mother, fertile and rich. Being in concrete cities disconnects us from nature. This causes energetic constipation. We must release toxic energies out our root for health and wealth. Ebook will be e-mailed to you upon purchase. (11+ pages) Click here for More Information


To heal yourself, is to heal your family.
To heal your family, is to heal your village.
To heal your village, is to heal your land.
If you heal your land, you heal the Earth.

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