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Elementary  Crystal Healing E-book Elementary Crystal Healing E-book

Item Number: 076

Table of Contents: Definition of Crystals, Crystal Patterns and Types, Crystal Angels, Heal Yourself with Crystals, Cleanse Your Crystals, Properties of Crystals, Crystals for the Chakras, Crystal Energy Sessions, Crystal Healing Grids, Crystals and Feng Shui and more.

Price: $10.00 each

Additional Information
Recommended for everyone that is ready to add to their existing modality or begin their vibrational healing journey. This is a prerequisite for Crystal Reiki. Handout e-mailed upon purchase. (30 pages) Click here for More Information


To heal yourself, is to heal your family.
To heal your family, is to heal your village.
To heal your village, is to heal your land.
If you heal your land, you heal the Earth.

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